What is Open Source Software

What is Open Source Software?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’ll be answering the question, “What is Open Source Software?”

Open Source Software are applications you can run on your PC or Smartphone which make their code available to the public. This allows you to verify they are secure and to modify them to suit your needs. In most cases they are also free to use!

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Will I Find My Soulmate

Will I find my soulmate?

Today on Ask Cahlen I will be answering the question, “Will I find my soulmate?”

A soulmate is generally thought of as someone we incarnated into this life with and with whom we are destined to enter into a life-long intimate relationship. While I suspect soulmates exist, I think it is better to think of these things in terms of an ideal partner so as not to invoke thoughts of destiny which tend to corrupt our decision making.

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Yes or No

Yes or No?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’m answering the question, “Yes or no?”

The person who asked this made sure to clarify that it was a serious question and so I’ll go ahead and answer it and say, “Yes and no.” The reason I say that is because I believe, to steal a phrase from George Kavassilas, this is a universe of contrasting expressions. Now I don’t think all universes are necessary like this but it definitely seems to be that our universe is.

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Why did you stop living in a yurt

Why did you stop living in a yurt?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’m answering the question, “Why did you stop living in a yurt?”

So for those of you don’t know, I spent a decent amount of time, about a year and a half maybe two years, living in a structure called a yurt. The first one was actually a Mongolian Ger which is the same thing as a Yurt just from Mongolia, and it has a kind of a unique structure to it, and then the second one I had was one that actually owned myself which was from a company called Camping Yurts.

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