Nomad Life – Exploring the Jemez Mountains

Today I set out on foot exploring the Jemez Mountains for a week. This area is actually on the side of an active Super Volcano called the Valles Calderas, one of the biggest volcanoes is the world. My goal is to reach a river valley many miles away on the other side of a mesa made of solidified ash.

If things go really well I’ll visit a hot springs and the crater itself before I head home in a week, but this first video is about climbing the mesa and exploring the area near the top edge. I came across some native ruins and some abandoned log cabins near an old quarry.

Cahlen Lee

Solar eBike – Converting Fat Tires to Split-Tube Tubeless

I’ve been having a lot of issues with flat tires while riding around on my Fat Tire Solar eBike in the Southwest United States, and have been experimenting with ways to solve the problem. In this video I demonstrate how I converted my tires to a tubeless puncture resistant setup, despite the fact that my rims are not tubeless ready, by cutting open a tube to be used as a rim liner.

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Ruined Mine in the Nevada Desert

Ruined Mine in the Nevada Desert

As a nomad, I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting places to camp and explore.  During my migration back to the Southwest United States for the Winter I came across a ruined mine in the Nevada desert while browsing, and knew I had stop there for a few nights.

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