We are responsible for our creations

Natural Law – We are Responsible for Our Creations

In this video I will be discussing the aspect of Natural Law which makes us responsible for our creations.

If I punch someone in the face who has not harmed or threatened to harm me, then I am responsible for the harm I have caused them. If I create a robot and unleash it upon the world and all it does is walk around punching people in the face, then I am also responsible for that harm because I have created the thing which caused it.

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What on Earth is Happening?

Pal’n w/ Cahlen – What on Earth is Happening?

On this episode of Pal’n w/ Cahlen, in an homage to Mark Passio’s podcast, I’ll be answering the question, “What on Earth is Happening?”

Most of us are very aware of the strange and chaotic situation we find ourselves in during this Coronavirus panic. Societies are shutting down, economies are collapsing, and the government once again is offering to “save” us from the carnage… but is the solution really better than the original problem?

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Chlorine Dioxide

Preventing Illness with Chlorine Dioxide

Welcome to the first episode of Wizard Health! Today I’ll be sharing with you one of my most important tools for illness prevention – Chlorine Dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical used to clean water and make it safe to drink while backpacking or on expeditions into more savage lands. Jim Humble used it to clean water for his friends who were very sick with Malaria, and after finding that it actually cured them in a matter of hours he set off to explore its many other uses.

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Pal'n w/ Cahlen

Property Tour, Breatharianism and the Buddhist Soul

Welcome to another episode of Pal’n w/ Cahlen!

Today I’ll be giving a quick tour of the exterior of the new home I’ve moved into, and discussing it’s usefulness in survival situations. Then I discuss Breatharianism, or the ability to live without eating, and how it could benefit humanity. Finally I talk about whether or not Buddhism believes in the soul.

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Pal'n w/ Cahlen

Marriage, Economic Collapse and Cryptocurrency

Welcome to the first Live streamed episode of Pal’n w/ Cahlen!

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on marriage following my announcement that I am engaged. Then I’ll a little about the economic collapse we are sliding into and why cryptocurrency might be a good place hold some of your wealth.

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Pal'n w/ Cahlen

New Home, Trusts and Ethical Animal Husbandry

Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of Pal’n w/ Cahlen!

Today I’ll be showing you my new straw bale house on the side of a supervolcano. I’ll also discuss Trusts and how the government tricks us into giving up our natural rights and becoming members of a corporate feudalism. Finally, I’ll discuss whether or not any form of animal husbandry can be ethical.

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Pal'n w/ Cahlen - Life Update, Voice.com and the Coronavirus

Life Update, Voice.com, and the Coronavirus

Welcome to the first episode of Pal’n w/ Cahlen!

In this episode I discuss recent changes in my life, including the end of my nomadic days, and the beginning of the phase where I settle down and start a family. I also discuss my excitement for the new social media platform called Voice which runs on the EOS Blockchain. And finally I share some of my thoughts on the Coronavirus panic.

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