Earn Cryptocurrency Playing SteemNova

I’ve been playing an online game called SteemNova for awhile now in an Alliance called The Sovereign which role-plays the Non-Aggression Principle. One of the benefits of the game is that you can earn the Steem cryptocurrency by being a member of the top 8 Alliances.

The Sovereign is currently ranked #9 and looking to on-board some new players and help them to grow into powerful shining beacons of peace and liberty in the universe. You’ll need a Steem account to play. If you don’t have one already, you can get in touch with me and I’ll create one for you, or if you’re willing to wait a few days you can signup here.

Once you have a Steem account, you can create your SteemNova account here.  Send me a message in game or submit an application to The Sovereign to get into the alliance. The only rule is to do no harm except in defense of yourself or your fellow Sovereign. I will help you grow your empire, and send you a Battle Fortress (the strongest ship) after you’ve been active for 2 weeks.

See you in-game!

Cahlen Lee

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