Who is Elitom Elamin?

Who is Elitom El-Amin?

In this episode of Ask Cahlen I’ll be answering the question , “Who is Elitom El-amin?’

Elitom El-amin is an American man from Ohio who claims to be a Breatharian, which means he does not need to eat or drink. Over a period of 20 years he trained his body to use other sources of energy by optimizing his health and going through repeated periods of fasting.

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Pal'n w/ Cahlen

Property Tour, Breatharianism and the Buddhist Soul

Welcome to another episode of Pal’n w/ Cahlen!

Today I’ll be giving a quick tour of the exterior of the new home I’ve moved into, and discussing it’s usefulness in survival situations. Then I discuss Breatharianism, or the ability to live without eating, and how it could benefit humanity. Finally I talk about whether or not Buddhism believes in the soul.

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