The Stealth Survival Bike

The Stealth Survival Bike

In this episode of Wizard Gear I’ll be giving you a quick look at my Stealth Survival Bike.

This Solar eBike is a converted RadRover, an electric bike sold by Rad Power Bikes, designed for long-term survival situations. The custom-built expanded battery pack allows me to travel 40-50 miles in a single charge, while the solar panels allow me to recharge the bike while I’m hanging out in the wilderness.

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Carbon Fiber Penny Whistle

The Carbon Fiber Penny Whistle

On this episode of Wizard Gear I’ll be showing you my Carbon Fiber Penny Whistle, and playing it a bit of music on it for you.

The Penny Whistle is generally thought to be native to the British Isles, but this type of simple flute can be found in many cultures across the world. It’s essentially a hollow tube with holes in it, which can be crafted from various materials such as bamboo, bone, etc.

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Hollow Tube Ear Buds

Hollow Tube Ear Buds

On this episode of Wizard Gear I’ll be showing you my Hollow Tube Ear Buds and discussing the importance of using these to protect yourself from dangerous EMFs.

Your cell phone emits powerful electromagnetic frequencies in the microwave wavelengths, and these like to follow along metal wires. This means that normal headphones carry that signal directly to your skull and your brain.

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USB Ionic Silver Maker

The USB Ionic Silver Maker

In this episode of Wizard Gear I’ll be showing you my USB-Powered Ionic Silver Maker.

Ionic Silver is a form of Silver Nanoparticle Solution. Silver Nanoparticles have been shown through scientific research to destroy bacteria, protozoans and many viruses (including certain strains of coronavirus). Humans have been using Silver as a disinfectant for thousands of years, and it’s still as effective today as it was then.

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Oura Ring for Tracking Biometrics

The Oura Ring for Tracking Biometrics

On this episode of Wizard Gear, I’ll be showing you one of my favorite biometric tracking devices… the Oura Ring!

The Oura Ring is primarily designed to track sleep quality, but also tracks daily activity, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), body temperature and respiration rate. This allows those of us who are fine tuning our biology to track the effect of the things we try on our health and wellbeing.

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