What do you eat?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’ll be answering the question, “What do you eat?”

I have a feeling the person asking this question is specifically curious about what I eat when I’m living nomadically on my Solar eBike, but my diet is a little different now that I’m living in a cabin in the mountains, so I’ll describe both situations.

When living nomadically I’m focus on compressing as much food into as little space as possible. In the morning I drink Hot Chocolate with Coconut Oil, Cacao Powder and Xylitol to keep me in ketosis and gain many of the benefits of intermittent fasting. For dinner I usually have either white rice or oats cooked with salt and Coconut Oil. For my daily greens I rely on tablets of Spirulina and Chlorella which provide me with a huge number of different necessary vitamins and nutrients.

My diet is pretty similar when living a more stationary life, with a few differences. I still drink the Hot Chocolate in the morning, which contains over 1000 calories of fat. For dinner I generally eat white rice or sweet potatoes with vegetables fried in coconut oil. I also will eat eggs and grass-fed butter.

Things of course change from day-to-day, but the general idea is fat-fueled intermittent fasting with clean carbohydrates and greens for dinner. I avoid wheat, dairy (except butter) and cooked vegetable oils. Everything is organic, grass fed and pastured.

In general I follow the Bulletproof Diet, which has completely changed my life over the last two year. Check out this poster describing what to eat and not eat in an easy to understand way.

Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

Yes or No?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’m answering the question, “Yes or no?”

The person who asked this made sure to clarify that it was a serious question and so I’ll go ahead and answer it and say, “Yes and no.” The reason I say that is because I believe, to steal a phrase from George Kavassilas, this is a universe of contrasting expressions. Now I don’t think all universes are necessary like this but it definitely seems to be that our universe is.

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Why did you stop living in a yurt?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’m answering the question, “Why did you stop living in a yurt?”

So for those of you don’t know, I spent a decent amount of time, about a year and a half maybe two years, living in a structure called a yurt. The first one was actually a Mongolian Ger which is the same thing as a Yurt just from Mongolia, and it has a kind of a unique structure to it, and then the second one I had was one that actually owned myself which was from a company called Camping Yurts (campingyurts.com).

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How did the Camping Yurt hold up?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’m answering the question how did the Camping Yurt hold up.

So for those of you who don’t know, there was a period of time probably a year or two ago where I was living on a permaculture farm in a yurt. I bought it from the company called Camping Yurts (campingyurts.com) which is a company which makes yurts which are very portable, so it’s easy to pack them into your car and take them on a short trip. I was actually using it as a permanent structure and I lived in it for probably over six months to almost a year, I can’t remember for sure.

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What is Natural Law?

Natural Law is a set of rules inherent to the universe, much like the Law of Gravity, which govern the effects resulting from the free will choices of creatures with the capacity to reason.

Natural Law is known by many other names, such as Moral Law, Karmic Law, God’s Law, etc. Its basic premise is that there is an objective difference between right and wrong, and that while all beings are free to do as they please, they are not free to escape the consequences of their choices.

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Is wisdom only gained through time?

Today on Ask Cahlen I will be answering the question, “Is wisdom only gained through time?”

In order to answer this question I must first give my definition of ‘wisdom’. To be wise is to act in accordance with Natural Law. This requires the understanding and acceptance of the fact that the universe will always reflect back to you what you put into it. So to be wise means to act in a way which is beneficial to others, for it will ultimately end up being beneficial to you as well.

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At what age can someone become a wizard?

Today on Ask Cahlen I will be answering the question, “At what age can someone become a wizard?”

The answer to this question is largely dependent on what someone considers a wizard to be, so I will provide my definition. A wizard is someone who has committed themselves to seeking truth, using it wisely and sharing it with others who have made the same commitments.

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Why do you live the way you do?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’m answering the question, “Why do you live the way you do?”

As many of you know, I’ve been living a minimalist nomadic lifestyle for awhile now. There are a lot of reasons I found myself on this path, but the most significant reasons were a need to create more free time to do what I wanted and to divest from a system I believe is destroying ourselves and our environment.

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Who is Dean Clifford?

Today on Ask Cahlen I am answering the question, “Who is Dean Clifford?”

Dean Clifford was a significant voice in the freedom movement a few years back. He stepped out of the more public view after he was bullied by the system he was revealing. His primary focus was revealing the governments of the world as voluntary membership organizations which give the impression they rule a geographical area by relying on the ignorance of its population. Those who are aware of the scam can step out of it, assuming they are willing to deal with the inconvenience that may come along with it.

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