The Vakra Kukri from Zombie Tools

On this episode of Wizard Gear I’ll be showing you the Kukri known as the Vakra from Zombie Tools.

When living out in the wilderness, it’s important to bring tools which have as much utility as possible while taking up a minimal amount of space and weighing as little as possible. The Kukri is the traditional weapon of the Gurkhas of Nepal, and replaces both a machete and camp axe.

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What is Open Source Software?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’ll be answering the question, “What is Open Source Software?”

Open Source Software are applications you can run on your PC or Smartphone which make their code available to the public. This allows you to verify they are secure and to modify them to suit your needs. In most cases they are also free to use!

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Will I find my soulmate?

Today on Ask Cahlen I will be answering the question, “Will I find my soulmate?”

A soulmate is generally thought of as someone we incarnated into this life with and with whom we are destined to enter into a life-long intimate relationship. While I suspect soulmates exist, I think it is better to think of these things in terms of an ideal partner so as not to invoke thoughts of destiny which tend to corrupt our decision making.

If you are asking yourself these sorts of questions, I recommend asking yourself why you want to find your ideal partner. If your desire comes out of a feeling of lack or incompleteness it’s likely the person you attract is not going to be right for you, or the relationship will be fraught with difficulty and inappropriate sacrifice.

My advice is to first address your sense of self-worth, and to identify and commit to prioritizing your life’s purpose over finding your ideal partner. Once you have done this, you can attract your ideal partner by visualizing what the relationship would be like. Focus primarily on the qualities you will possess in order to be the perfect partner, and then take steps in you life to become that person, and the rest will fall into place on its own.

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Waterproof & Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight from Boruit

On the episode of Wizard Gear I’ll be showing you one of the most important tools I keep with me at all times – The Boruit Tactical Flashlight.

This hardy flashlight is compact, waterproof and recharges through USB. This means I can keep it in my pants pocket at all times, even during heavy rain, and when it starts to run low I can recharge it using my folding USB solar panel. It has multiple brightness settings up to 1200 lumens. It also has different colored light modes, and various flashing modes for emergency situations.

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