Gift Cahlen

If you would like to support the creation of future content, please consider donating any of the items listed below. All gifts will receive a free 1-hour coaching session with me over the phone or on video chat.

Email me at to receive my current shipping address and/or schedule a coaching call.

Amazon Gift Card

The easiest way to donate is to send an Amazon Gift Card directly to my email address. I can get most of the things I need on Amazon, so this is extremely helpful! Just click the link, enter and set the amount you want to donate.

1-Gallon of Coconut Oil

I use Coconut Oil is almost everything I cook, including my morning Ketogenic Hot Chocolate. I go through this stuff really fast, so I’ll take as much as this as I can get.

CILTEP – Focus & Energy Supplement

CILTEP is one of my favorite supplements for mental performance, and I use it almost every single day. One bottle will last me 2 months, so a little goes a long way!

25lbs of Organic White Rice

Organic White Rice

Lundberg Organic White Rice is my main source of calories for my evening meal. A single 25-pound bag feeds me for a long time, so receiving this as a gift would be hugely appreciated.