Public Notice

Who I Am

My given name is Cahlen Riley, and my family’s name is Lee. I was born on November 23rd, 1981 in Cowlitz County of Washington State to Riley Dennis Lee and Victoria Mae Lee (maiden name Willis).

Validity of Contracts

The only contracts I consider valid and binding upon me are those which are made between me and another man or woman.


I am a man operating in inherent jurisdiction, meaning the only law I am subject to is, “Do no harm”, except in cases where I contract other arrangements with living men or women.

All contracts I have made in the past with the UNITED STATES or STATE OF WASHINGTON, or any of their incorporated or parent entities, were done in ignorance of what I was agreeing to and under perceived duress. I do not consider these agreements legitimate or binding on me. I do not hold any office or title within the entity known as CAHLEN RILEY LEE except for Beneficiary.

Diplomatic Status

I am not at war with any people or entities, or aware of any which consider themselves to be at war with me.

People Serving as Agents

No people or entities are currently permitted to serve as my agent or representative for any matter unless their names are listed in this section or can present a video of me granting them permission to do so.

Liability for the Actions of Others

I do not accept liability for the actions of others except in cases where I have agreed to serve as the ward of the individual.

I am probably wrong about some of the things I say in my content, so you are advised to do your own research before acting upon the information, and I do not accept responsibility for your actions.

Stoppage of and/or Restitution for Harm

If you feel I have caused or am threatening to cause you harm, it is my wish that you contact me directly via to ask me to desist or provide restitution.

If we can not work it out privately between the two of us then we may convene a public court via group video chat to be made public on major videos publishing sites. The court will contain jury members consisting of equal amounts people of each of our choosing, and a neutral administrator of proceedings which we both agree upon. To be valid we must both agree beforehand to abide by any unanimous decisions of the jury.

Presumption of Acceptance

I will presume you consider the contents of this document reasonable and true, and that you agree to respect my wishes unless you notify me otherwise by emailing me at

Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee