A Dream of Falling Buildings

I woke up this morning after a having a dream of falling buildings, and decided to share it with you. Fair warning, this video is not warm and fuzzy.

Thanks for watching!

Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

2 thoughts on “A Dream of Falling Buildings

  1. One of my favorite fantasies is to wake up one morning, and while going about my daily business, find many, many little piles of dust. I wonder about these things, and there are others wondering as well. As time goes by, with a lot of questioning and wondering, all those still around come to the conclusion that these little piles of dust are the remnants of all those people who had completely lost their relationship with Nature. After a short while there was an extreme mood of vibrancy and camaraderie of all those left standing, and life went on a thousand times better than before for a long, long time.

    This vaccine agenda may be the fulfillment of my fantasy, for those lining up for this jab are those who have lost trust in Nature and their innate immune systems. This, of course would, vaccinated or not, get rid of all the psychopathic control freaks too. Gotta stay positive, right?

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