Chemo Effects and Other Options

Aug 22, 2018

I've had several people in my life find out they had Cancer, and I've seen the devastating effects of one of the standard treatments called Chemotherapy first hand. This led me to do a fair amount of research on my own to see if science really supports this treatment and to investigate other options that are traditionally unsupported by western medicine.

In short, I believe the science shows that chemo is ineffective, providing only a 2% increased chance of surviving 5 year after diagnosis. I also discovered that there are numerous therapies, some we've known about for 100 years, which have have been aggressively suppressed (violently sometimes) to maintain the status quo. Check out this research article published in Clinical Oncology in 2004 to see the breakdown of chemotherapy effectiveness by Cancer type.

For information on alternative treatments, you can do some research of your own by investigating the following topics in relation to Cancer:

Most people seem to prefer trusting the established "authorities", but for me this another example of where we need to take responsibility for own health education and find out the truth rather following the standard practice.

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