Earning a Living with the Steem Cryptocurrency

My expenses while living as a nomad in my truck are very low, but there are still some things I need to pay for, so it’s important that I have an income source. One of the primary ways I make money on the road is through the Steem Cryptocurrency.

Steem is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin which rewards users for creating the kind of content you might find on a social media platform like YouTube or Facebook. The primary difference is that when people click the ‘Like’ button on your post you earn Steem! There are a lot of technical details to know if you’re going to dive head first into the Steem Blockchain, and I’ll be covering those in future videos.

For now, this video is a summary of what Steem is and how I use it to fund my nomadic adventures. You can check out my Steem profile here.  You can signup for a Steem account here.

Cahlen Lee

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