The Extremely Useful Leatherman Wave

On this episode of Wizard Gear I’ll be showing you my Leatherman Wave multi-tool, and talking about many of its different functions.

Of all the tools I keep on me while trekking and living in the wilds, the Leatherman Wave is the last one I would give up. It serves so many purposes that I end up using it multiple times a day, and feel naked without it.


Leatherman Wave Closed

When living out in the wilds, or preparing yourself for survival situations, one of the key factors to consider when it comes to gear is getting a lot of functionality out of very little. Keeping the weight and volume of everything you’re carrying low is important for long treks through rough terrain.

The Leatherman Wave folds up in a nice compact shape, and it’s so light that I never feel even the slightest bit encumbered by it.

Leatherman Wave Belt

It comes with a nice sheath with a button latch which attaches to my belt. I have mine with me no matter what I’m doing because it comes in handy so often.

It’s such an empowering feeling to know that I can tackle a wide range of problems with just a quick reach to hip. At one point I lost my Leatherman Wave for several weeks, and I found myself frustrated over and over again when I went to grab it and it wasn’t there.


Leatherman Wave Pliers

One of the most useful tools on the Leatherman Wave are the pliers which are accessed by simply unfolding the Leatherman. The fine tip is great for working on smaller more delicate situations, but it also broadens up quickly to allow it to be useful for getting a grip on larger objects.

At the base of the pliers are some wire cutters. The upper portion clips reasonable thick metal apart, and the lower portion cuts only partially in, which is great for working with the electrical components of my Solar Electric Bike.


Leatherman Wave Blade

And of course we’ve got to talk about the blades! These are another of the most important features on the multi-tool, and it comes with several different types.

The straight blade is the one I use most often. I use it for all kinds of things, including splitting sticks, carving wood, cutting rope and preparing food.

Leatherman Wave Serrated Blade

It also comes with a blade with a serrated edge for cutting through thicker objects. I actually don’t use this one very often because the straight blade usually does the trick.

Leatherman Wave Saw Blade

If the serrated blade can’t handle it, the saw blade probably can! This is great for working with woody materials out in the woods, or during various handyman projects for people around the community.

Leatherman Wave File

The last of the tools accessible from the outside of the of the Leatherman Wave is the file. It has three different grades, one on each of the flat sides and one of the front edge.


Leatherman Wave Inner Tools

The inner tools are all accessed by unfolding the Leatherman and then swinging them out much like you would with a standard Swiss Army Knife.

Leatherman Wave Screwdriver

I find that the most useful of the inner tools is the screwdriver. It has a phillips-head on one side and a flat-head on the other side. The black section you see can be removed and flipped around to switch functions.

There are also a number of different tools that fit into this slot which you can buy separately, including an extender which is important when working in cramped spaces like a truck’s engine compartment.

Leatherman Wave Can Opener

When living outside I find myself sometimes relying on canned food. The can opener comes in handy for accessing the delicious goodness, though it is a bit tedious. This tool also doubles as a bottle opener.

Leatherman Wave Scissors

The mini-scissors are great for slicing through paper material, and even works on thinner types of cardboard. I use it most often for cutting string, para-cord or trimming my beard.

As you can see, the Leatherman Wave is a very useful tool. If you’re spending any amount of time outdoors or doing various handyman jobs, I definitely recommend picking one up.

There are lots of different multi-tools out there, so you may want to browse around and find the one that’s right for you. If you do decide to go with the Leatherman Wave, you can pick one up at most sporting goods stores or online here:

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Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

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