Hauling Cargo with a Rad Rover eBike

I recently gave my motorized bicycle to my good friend Jeremiah the Nomad Man, and picked up a Rad Rover electric bike (eBike) as my secondary vehicle. Come along as I use the bike to haul a large heavy object 8 miles back from town, while still having over 3/5ths charge in the battery after 16 miles round trip.

This was up and down steep hills so it’s pretty impressive in my book… I hope to convert this bike and trailer into my primary transport for cross country nomadic traveling. No licensing, registration, insurance or expensive maintenance, and it’s powered by the sun… Yes!

Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

2 thoughts on “Hauling Cargo with a Rad Rover eBike

  1. How far are you going I’m going to Sturgis and the black hills going to try riding back to Fargo 474 miles allowing myself 5 days to get back furthest I’ve rode in one day is about 45 but that was all day off and on at 45 miles 2 bars left should be able to make 100 on two keep in touch let me know how your venture goes along the way

    1. 474 miles is an epic journey! How are you going to be recharging your batteries?

      The most I’ve gone in a day is about 45 miles through rough mountain trails. I was using an expanded battery pack I built and charging with solar the whole time. I might have been able to go twice as far that day with the power I had left.

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