Hollow Tube Ear Buds

Apr 7, 2020

On this episode of Wizard Gear I'll be showing you my Hollow Tube Ear Buds and discussing the importance of using these to protect yourself from dangerous EMFs.

Your cell phone emits powerful electromagnetic frequencies in the microwave wavelengths, and these like to follow along metal wires. This means that normal headphones carry that signal directly to your skull and your brain.

Hollow Tube Ear Buds only have a metal wire going part of the way to the actual speakers, which then echo the audio signal through hollow tubes the rest of the way up to your head. It lowers the quality of the audio a little bit, but I think it's a worth it.

I'm not sure the ones I show you in this video are available anymore, but you can find other similar ear buds here:

  • Hollow Tube Earbuds

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