How did the Camping Yurt hold up?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’m answering the question how did the Camping Yurt hold up.

So for those of you who don’t know, there was a period of time probably a year or two ago where I was living on a permaculture farm in a yurt. I bought it from the company called Camping Yurts ( which is a company which makes yurts which are very portable, so it’s easy to pack them into your car and take them on a short trip. I was actually using it as a permanent structure and I lived in it for probably over six months to almost a year, I can’t remember for sure.

So basically the question is how did how did it hold up, and it held up very well except that I was living in Washington State on the west side of the mountains which is basically a rain forest. It’s very damp and I didn’t put any sort of foundation like a wood floor down or anything, I just set it down on the bare ground and you’re basically guaranteed to get mold in that situation. After the period of time that I was there it had developed mold. I had a vinyl floor and that was pretty covered with mold on the bottom it, but it didn’t permeate through because mold isn’t gonna go through vinyl I don’t think, but there were places on the roof the cloth roof and on the side of wall especially around the door which had started to develop mold.

The structure itself which is the most substantial part of the yurt was actually totally fine and didn’t experience any mold, and I don’t know if it’s just because it’s good wood or it was protected from dampness or because I actually I did make a kind of a wood polish that had a bunch of anti mold agents in it. So it could be because of that but the structure is still really good.

I had to throw away all the cloth and I gave the structure away to someone who wanted to make a yurt. What they’re gonna do is they’re just gonna buy used billboard vinyl which is the stuff he’s the big billboards you see on the side of the road those are just large pieces of vinyl which they painted on so when they take those down they sell them used to people who want to use them things like pond liners or whatever like that. I actually made a roof out of that and I had a piece that would make replace the wall act also and so I gave that to the person as well.

So kind of just to summarize I’d say that camping yurt held up really well. If you’re gonna be in a damp place make sure you’re putting on a something that’s not directly on the ground like make a little porch or something like that, and then if you are in a wet place I definitely recommend replacing the duck cotton with a billboard vinyl or some other non-organic material that’s not going to mold, because mold is going to destroy the structure and it’s also gonna make you really sick.

So that’s the answer the question how did the camping yurt hold up. I definitely recommend them and if I ever end up in a yurt again I’ll definitely consider getting one of those.

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Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

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