Humanity’s Origins

In this episode of Modern Day Wizards we are joined once again by Michael David Moreno to discuss the origins of humanity according to ancient texts.

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We are probably wrong about at least one thing we say in this episode. Please do your own research before putting this information into effect.

3 thoughts on “Humanity’s Origins

  1. It’s interesting to hear the perspectives and the tales of the ancient comic book writers, but we should regard them in a similar way we do the antics of our infant children, and not take them too seriously. When the Yin/Yang, Good/Evil, dualistic principle of the Cosmos is resolved through meditation into direct experience of Spirit, we become certain that God/GoB (Ground of Being)/Spirit is alive and well in this very instant, and only in this instant, we can choose to be interested in these ancient, imaginative, and creative tales or not – use them as metaphors or parables when appropriate, but never as true history.

    The Abrahamic tribe, all 3 branches, have been particularly stubborn in approaching Spirit. They punished their first people very harshly for even approaching the dualistic, Good/Evil, meditation. They have chosen instead to remain in harsh bickering, bloody combat, and psychotic warfare between Good and Evil, instead of dancing with the irrevocable Yin/Yang principle as most Eastern Spiritual traditions do. They even kill their own people who say something like, “Heaven and Hell are right here on Earth”. This is way too much like a Zen Koan for them, so they must be cruel and bloodily brutal to ideas like this.

    One of my favorite stories is written by a modern day fairy tale writer, Daniel Quinn, who postulates in his book Ishmael an entirely different account of the arrival or our civilization and culture. His claim is that 10,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent of the Mesopotamia Valley, there were many, many ‘Leaver’ tribes who had been living within Natural Law, and with Nature’s God (though they couldn’t have articulated it) for 190,000 years. Then of a sudden, a ‘Taker’ tribe evolved, which to all the other tribes seemed unnatural, wicked, cruel and psychotic, so they got together and created a story to warn all their members away from these people. The story they agreed upon, and told throughout the land, was the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

    It seemed very odd, unnatural, and bizarre that these people seem to think that:
    1. They were created from a pile of dust by an unrecognizable God, instead of naturally evolving as they and all the animals did.
    2. Woman was created later, as an afterthought, subservient to the man.
    3. Their people were denied discerning knowledge of Good and Evil, so they could use either element as suited them
    4. They were born sinful, bad, wrong and ugly in their nakedness, unlike all other animals
    5. They were not of Nature, but above it and had dominion over it.
    6. They completely lacked empathy for any outside of their tribe living a Natural way and wanted to annihilate, or rule over all others.

    So, according to Mr. Quinn, this is how our civilization started – with a wish to conquer and rule over all of nature, completely disregarding all objects and peoples in their way.

    Every thing Spiritually knowable is right here and now, in this instant, and no where else. Any degree of enlightenment comes from the sudden recognition and acceptance of the truth of the blaringly obvious all around you in this instant. And, while fairy tales from ancient times are fun and interesting:

    “The World may be known without leaving the house.
    The Way may be seen apart from the windows.
    The further you go;
    The less you know. [Tao Te Ching]

  2. I don’t think it’s a delusion that something better is coming after what’s ahead. As it is a principle of the Cosmos that Nature abhors a vacuum, I’ll bet it also abhors imbalance – a state we can recognize we are in now. As Zen adepts know:

    “Sitting quietly, doing nothing,
    Spring come and the grass grows by itself”

    We are certainly in civilizational winter now, but Spring will come. – even if it’s a couple more amoebas in a new Primordial Ooze.

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