Linux on a Chromebook

In a recent video I mentioned my Linux laptop running on a Chromebook Pro. This can be done on many different types of Chromebooks using GalliumOS (

While I am able to do most of my computing on my de-Googled Android phone, there are some activities which are just easier on a larger screen (e.g. website building). It also feels really good to use an operating system that is Open Source and free.

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Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

One thought on “Linux on a Chromebook

  1. My only real regret for switching to Ubuntu from Windows 5 or 7 years ago is not being able to simply add Irfanview to my program list. Yes, it can be done with Wine, but it is not nearly as functional, intuitive, and useful. I miss Irfanview! Other than that, I find Ubuntu 18.04 (I downgraded from the horrible Ubuntu 20.04) to be fast, much less invasive, and altogether a great operating system. Ubuntu -> Brave/Tor -> DuckDuckGo -> Protonmail. Makes you feel good not to be supporting any of Gate’s shenanigans.

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