Preventing Illness with Chlorine Dioxide

Welcome to the first episode of Wizard Health! Today I’ll be sharing with you one of my most important tools for illness prevention – Chlorine Dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical used to clean water and make it safe to drink while backpacking or on expeditions into more savage lands. Jim Humble used it to clean water for his friends who were very sick with Malaria, and after finding that it actually cured them in a matter of hours he set off to explore its many other uses.

Nowadays there are thousands of people who have used Chlorine Dioxide, often called MMS, to solve their health problems. I personally have used it to solve many problems of my own. I find it’s best to use it when I first notice signs of illness, such as a sore throat. There has yet to be a time that it didn’t work for me, or the people around me that I’m able to convince to try it.

If you look around on the internet, especially if you visit sites which endorse the opinions of governmental health agencies, they will tell you that there’s no proof that it works and that it is dangerous. The reason there’s no proof is because no large scale research has been done, and that’s because there’s no profit in a cheap cure you can’t patent. As I said though, there is plenty of proof if you’re willing to give anecdotal evidence some weight. It’s also completely safe if used responsibly, and the worst irresponsibility will bring is a sore stomach, diarrhea and dehydration.

I urge you to break free of the mental programming you’ve undergone your entire life which has led you to believe that governmental health agencies know what they’re talking about and that they have your best interest in mind when making recommendations. Chlorine Dioxide is a critical tool in pandemic and survival situations.

I get my Chlorine Dioxide here, but you can get it lots of places. You just need clean Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid. Mix a few drops of each in a 1:1 ratio, and add it to your water to clean it and prevent illness.

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Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

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