Solutions to Tyranny

On this episode of Modern Day Wizards we are joined by Stew Passmore to discuss the current state of tyranny in the world and how to solve it.

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We are probably wrong about at least one thing we say in this episode. Please do your own research before putting this information into effect.

3 thoughts on “Solutions to Tyranny

  1. That Evil can be beaten down by the Good for all times is an Abrahamic idea – and that’s just one of a million bad ideas. If you approach the Cosmos as a Yin/Yang, dualistic proposition, the Good and the Bad can dance together. But if you separate the Yin from the Yang and place them in eternal brutal, bloody battle, then the Bad become Evil to defend its place in the Cosmos. In my estimation, the Abrahamic tradition = the Cabal. Just following the man, Abraham, who took a knife to his son’s throat because he heard voices in his head is enough to keep us cognitively dissonant and confused enough to fall in line with any program the jealous God Yahweh has in mind for us – the same God that punished us so severely for approaching the Good/Evil (Yin/Yang) meditation which promises a resolution in Spirit that all Eastern Spiritual traditions point directly to instead of away from. We have been following, as a culture, a false, man-made God for 10 thousand years. It can only play out in the coming Abrahamapocalypse, or Abrahamageddon, take your pick, and no way else.

    You can eat animals if you do it with the same attitude as the little bushman in the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy. After all, we’re eaten by worms when we go down for our dirt nap. Hell, we’re even eaten by sharks, bears, wolves and cougars if we’re not careful to bring some protection with us when we go out into the woods. It’s just the Way of Life, and I’ll bet it’s the same throughout the Cosmos – if we can believe Star Trek. If death were a serious condition, then we’d be fucked; but luckily it’s not. Some sort of eternal incarnation seems to be the rule.

    I’m kind of hoping for a prolonged world-wide grid down event. It seems to me this would put an end to all this silliness.

    1. While I agree that challenge/death/decay is innate to the universe, I don’t consider that the same as evil. I think of evil as specific to beings who have the ability to know better choosing to cause harm anyway. I don’t think I’d agree that that is necessary to the workings of the universe.

      I agree with you about the coming Abrahamapocalypse. I’m also secrectly hoping for the grid down situation… it’s the only thing I can see bringing sense back to people. Plus I think it’d be kind of fun!

      1. That was my best guess about where evil comes from – when the ‘Bad’ of the Good/Bad dualism is told that it has no place in the Cosmos, it gets ‘Evil’ in its fighting back. This is one of the greatest flaws of the Abrahamic tradition, that it separates the two sides of the coin and puts them in bloody, mortal combat with each other for all eternity. I’d much rather dance with the Bad than have to viciously fight Evil as the Abrahamicists have set us up to do. I went back to Viet Nam in 1994 to make peace with the land and the people after my participation in the war in 1968. The wonderful Yin/Yang dancing Buddhist/Taoist/Ancestor Worshiping people there welcomed me with open arms and completely cured me from the psychological dysfunction I’d had for about 26 years. This ‘forgive and forget’ policy is not Abrahamic in nature. The Abrahamicists hold grudges for thousands of years and still want to completely annihilate and destroy Edom and Amelek in the cruelest ways possible – like sticking needles into their children to turn them into vegetables.

        I don’t know if ‘grid down’ would be fun, but at least it would get my daughter (and me) away from the computer screen and would force us to manipulate Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire with our body, Mind, and Spirit for survival, like things always were until lately.

        Yes, grid down. There is a slow, but interesting History Channel video entitled After Armageddon that gives a plausible account of the way things might go after SHTF – and it even starts with a pandemic. It’s kind of uplifting at the end:

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