The Oura Ring for Tracking Biometrics

On this episode of Wizard Gear, I’ll be showing you one of my favorite biometric tracking devices… the Oura Ring!

The Oura Ring is primarily designed to track sleep quality, but also tracks daily activity, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), body temperature and respiration rate. This allows those of us who are fine tuning our biology to track the effect of the things we try on our health and wellbeing.

Sleep Tracking

Oura Ring Sleep Tracker

The Oura Ring is primarily aimed at tracking sleep quality, so let’s take a look at how it does that.

Every morning when you wake up the app will give you a Sleep Score which takes into consideration how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you slept, your heart rate and how long you spent in each level of sleep (i.e. Light, Deep & REM). On the top of the screen you can see a graph charting your total sleep time and relative time in each level of sleep over the last few days.

If you scroll down on this screen you can see a detailed breakdown of what time you entered into each stage of sleep. This is especially useful if you want to experiment with the best times to go to sleep and wake up.

For example, in the image above on the right you can see that I stopped entering Deep Sleep around 4am, which is a pattern that repeats on most other days. This information let’s me know that I can wake up anytime after 4am and feel confident that I accessed all of the Deep Sleep I was likely to get.

Readiness Tracking

Oura Ring Readiness Tracker

Readiness is a measurement of your body’s ability to recover from stress and physical activity. A high Readiness score means it’s a good day to put more effort into whatever you have planned, or to go to the gym and try for some new records.

The Oura App takes a number of variable into consideration when determining your Readiness Score, including average Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Body Temperature, Respiration Rate and last night’s Sleep Score.

Activity Tracking

Oura Ring Activity Tracker

A standard feature for most biometric devices is the ability to track your daily activity, and the Oura Ring comes with this ability as well. It uses your heart rate and total steps taken to estimate calories burned and miles walked.

It separates activity into three types: Low, Medium and High. Low seems to be light walking on a level surface. Medium appears to be activity like hiking up and down a wilderness trail. I believe High is considered something like running… perhaps you can tell from the image above that I’m not a fan of running.

A nice feature I haven’t seen in a lot of other devices is a graph of when each type of activity occurred during the day.

Charging the Oura Ring

Charging the Oura Ring

The Oura Ring charges by placing it on a little USB-C stand which connects to any standard USB port on your computer, wall charger or even a USB Solar Panel!

You can also activate Airplane Mode on the ring to avoid absorbing microwave radiation while you’re wearing it, and then reactivate Bluetooth by placing it on the charger. The battery lasts about a week between charges.

Wearing the Oura Ring

I love my Oura Ring, and definitely recommend it to anyone interested in tracking their personal biometrics so they can optimize their biology. You can order one on the Oura website. If you don’t know your ring size, they also sell sizing kits for a few bucks.

Thanks for dropping by!

Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

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