The Presumption of Innocence

In this video in my Natural Law series I will be discussing The Presumption of Innocence, also known as The Benefit of the Doubt.

Those of us who live in America are familiar with the phrase, “Innocent until proven guilty.” It is a fundamental aspect of our legal system, but it is actually derived from the Natural Law.

In order for us to live in a world with the least amount of harm inflicted by people upon other people, we must operate with the presumption that others are innocent of wrongdoing unless there is evidence to the contrary. This means that we must treat people as if they have done nothing wrong until there is conclusive proof that they have.

The presumption of innocence also means that we should presume any claims an honorable person makes about themselves are true without needing them to be proved to us. However, any claims someone makes about another person must be substantiated with evidence.

Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

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