The Right of Subrogation

In this video in the Natural Law series I will be discussing the right of subrogation.

Subrogation occurs when someone owes another person a debt and a third person steps in to pay off that debt for the first person. The first person now owes the third person the debt that was paid off on their behalf, though what is owed to the third person can vary depending on the arrangement agreed to.

A simple example of subrogation would be if I owed $100 to a friend, and another person paid my friend the $100 on my behalf. My friend is now no longer part of the equation, but I still owe something to the person who paid them.

A famous example of subrogation, fictional or not, is the story of Jesus dying for our sins. The arrangement being offered is that we must make Jesus our lord and master in exchange for his payment of the debt resulting from our sins. Whether that offer is real or not, I personally choose to take responsibility for my actions and the resulting debt rather than becoming the subject of someone I have never met.

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Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

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