The Wandering Wizard

Welcome to the first episode of The Wandering Wizard! This is essentially a walk-and-talk type podcast that I’ve decided to start.

Please let me know what you’d like me to discuss in future episodes.

Thanks for watching!

Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

2 thoughts on “The Wandering Wizard

  1. If your alien thesis is correct, well, so be it. Regardless, even if we are not completely organic to this particular rock, we are irrevocably organic to the Cosmos as a whole.

    For me, I like the scientific discovery that human DNA can be traced back 6 million years, and more particularly, all living human DNA can be traced back to a half human/half primate female named Lucy from Ethiopia who lived about 3 million years ago. Preferring to consider myself organic to this rock, I am more than happy to call Lucy Grandma, though I remain open to other possibilities should some sort of proof present itself. It is possible that all ancient references to alien beings were the predecessors to the super hero comic book writers of today.

    The only aliens I have been able to see for sure on this planet are the Abrahamicists, who have now brought us the the brink of the Abrahamapocalypse, or maybe Abrahamageddon. If there is any involvement of Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, etc. in this shit-show we are in, I have yet to discover it. What about the Chinese? What you wonder about is the Chinese Communist government, who gave up their Chineseness when they turned their souls over the the Jewish Bolshevik Communists of Russia shortly after the successful revolution in that country. Nor would I call the folks who rule us of higher intelligence. Higher cunningness, greed, vicious brutality, and desire to control others, yes. Some of them may have pretty high IQs, but their SIQ (Spiritual Intelligence Quotient) levels would be between 0 and 1 or 2.

    Nice post, Wandering Wizard, but get a rubber tip for the Wizard Stick, and do something about the voice sound. 😉

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