Tour of the Mongolian Ger

Tour of the Mongolian Ger

Come along for a quick tour of the Mongolian Ger we just moved into on a Permaculture Farm in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m really loving this more minimalist lifestyle, and am happy to be able to share a bit of that with you.

Mongolian Ger Exterior

Tour of the Mongolian Ger - Exterior

This a view of the exterior of the Mongolian Ger, also known as a Yurt.  As you can see, it has a layer of canvas on the outside which protects it from the elements.  In this case, we also have a aluminum roof over the top which we use to collect rainwater.

The door has two layers, a lockable exterior and two interior swinging doors with windows.  Let’s take a look at what these from the inside.

The Doors from the Interior

Tour of Mongolian Ger - Interior Doors

Here’s a view of the doors from the inside while standing in the middle of the Yurt.  The closed door has a latch which prevents entrance from the outside.  The double doors can close to increase insulation when it’s cold outside.

The doors were hand-painted in Mongolia.  I love the elaborate artwork which also appears on the roof ring and beams.

Storage Along the Circular Wall

Tour of the Mongolian Ger - Storage

This piece of furniture was present in the Mongolian Ger when we moved in.  It fits nicely against the circular wall and holds many of our day to day items.  We also store other large items like our bedding on the ground along the walls.  This leaves us plenty of space in the center moving and lounging around.

Structure of the Walls

Tour of the Mongolian Ger - Walls

The walls are a lattice of thin wood pieces connected with string.  These fold up in smaller pieces that make transportation easy, which is important for the nomadic Mongolians.  The white material behind is a thick layer of sheep’s wool which serves as insulation.

As you can see, it all sits on a bed of gravel which is covered with carpet.  Between the gravel and the carpet is a layer of insulation to prevent the ground from sapping heat out of the room.

The Wood Stove

Tour of the Mongolian Ger - Wood Stove

My favorite part of the entire setup is the wood stove which sits in the middle of the room!  This fireplace keeps the space toasty warm when it’s well below freezing outside.  The chimney extends up through the center of the roof ring.  Another awesome perk is a container on the left which heats water for drinking and washing.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Mongolian Ger!  These yurts are imported directly from Mongolia by companies all over the United States.  I believe this one was purchased through the folks at SunTime Yurts in Washington State, so check them out if you’re interested.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cahlen Lee

Cahlen Lee

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