Using Fractals to Increase Survival Odds

Living nomadically has its risks, so I spend a decent amount of time implementing backup plans for worst scenarios. I like to think about this topic in terms of Fractals, which are systems with patterns which repeat themselves as you examine the individual components.

For example, if my truck breaks down while I’m 20 miles into the desert, then I have my electric bike to get me to town, and if that breaks down I have a backpack with everything I need to survive a long trip on foot. At every level I maintain my ability to travel safely and comfortably.The same goes for shelter, clothing, food and water.

At this point I’ve got my fractal bases covered for all of those categories, and removing the worry of “what if” has made it all the more easy to relax and enjoy this wonderful lifestyle.

Cahlen Lee

Cahlen Lee

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