What is Ask Cahlen?

I’m starting up a new video series called ‘Ask Cahlen’. I’ve been wanting to start sharing the knowledge I’ve been picking up now that I have a lot more free time, energy and desire to learn.  This first episode is an introduction to the series itself. 

Go to http://ask.cahlen.org to submit questions you’d like to ask me, or just email your questions at mail@cahlen.org.

Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

2 thoughts on “What is Ask Cahlen?

  1. Hi Calen , ask.cahlen.org does not resolve.
    Anyway I have a question about the best water one can drink and we had a dispute with some members in our health groups , what is better… Some swear to drink destilled or Osmosis water and some say , that is unhealthy and you have to drink water with minerals in it…
    Well Dr. Norman Walker only drank destilled water but also lots of freshed pressed fruit and vegetable juices and lived to be 116 years of age…
    See: http://aqua-wiki.de/reines-wasser/forschungsresultate/
    Maybe you can cover your experiences about that and what you use to clean the water.
    Many thanks. Regards, Stefan. (overunitydotcom on steemit)

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