Who is Dean Clifford?

Today on Ask Cahlen I am answering the question, “Who is Dean Clifford?”

Dean Clifford was a significant voice in the freedom movement a few years back. He stepped out of the more public view after he was bullied by the system he was revealing. His primary focus was revealing the governments of the world as voluntary membership organizations which give the impression they rule a geographical area by relying on the ignorance of its population. Those who are aware of the scam can step out of it, assuming they are willing to deal with the inconvenience that may come along with it.

Dean Clifford now works primarily behind the scenes on his private membership organization Earth Stewardship Cooperative (https://earthsc.org) whose mission statement is to provide a better alternative to what governments currently offer.

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Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

6 thoughts on “Who is Dean Clifford?

    1. I’m no longer a member, but I’m pretty sure they’re still operating. I know they were having some trouble with their website around the time I left. Is the an email on their site you can try contacting them through?

      1. What actually happened is that i joined as Ross Sidaway in the winter of 2018-19. and then the thUg-network begand to invade their Earthsc.org and the organizer quit. She was pushed out by thUggery. Dean Clifford seems to be a pure truther, but he is being thUgged by the thUg-network after I joined their group… the thUgs have been trying to murder me since 2006… so they have a problem… Dean Clifford is under my spiritual protection and so is Jeff Rense… https://christianobserver.net/jeff-rense-nearly-killed-in-car-accident-is-there-more-to-the-story/ The thugs are going to fall flat upon their faces if they try to kill Dean Clifford,,, I am one of his backers and he is basically an immortal man trying to save humanity. Isn’t that cool news! I hope you see this Dean… you are immortal and you will succeed in saving humanity. ya, ya… it is hard to believe, but it is true. Dean is now immortal. Haaa, ha, thUgs, your days are numbered by your own choice.

        1. Interesting, I now see that Jeff Rense’s heterodyned car crash is infected at “Christianobserver.net” the site is hacked or corrupted.
          I exposed on that page that Rense was brainchipped and heterodyned into the ditch… then while in the hospital bed, Rense was heterodyned by some thUgtopian via brainchip to reject the operation to stop the bleeding. It is all gone! The thUgs are taking over the information.

          I have been posting upon UGETube over the last month My channel is called JamesRoss and here is another Canadian advocate to study: http://eternallyaware.com/index.html

  1. I just listened to your video/evaluation of Dean Clifford an you were just, clear and accurate.

    I will be posting Dean Clifford’s Victoria lectures on UgeTube, but my latest upload was canceled a few times but here is a link to discovery too… https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-stefan-lanka-exposes-historical-cult-fraud-by-pastuer-and-koch-w-wide-english-subs_mvSJlcg9f6vpXNT.html
    From here you can find my Clifford uploads.

    ThUggtopia will fail and you will become a free Human Being if you desire to be so.

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