Why did you stop living in a yurt?

Today on Ask Cahlen I’m answering the question, “Why did you stop living in a yurt?”

So for those of you don’t know, I spent a decent amount of time, about a year and a half maybe two years, living in a structure called a yurt. The first one was actually a Mongolian Ger which is the same thing as a Yurt just from Mongolia, and it has a kind of a unique structure to it, and then the second one I had was one that actually owned myself which was from a company called Camping Yurts (campingyurts.com).

So I lived in that for quite a while and I definitely really liked it, and the reason that I got out of that situation was because I was living on the permaculture farm kind of near where I was working when I was a producer in the gaming industry near Seattle. I quit that job because I wasn’t interested in supporting that industry anymore and I wasn’t really happy with the way I was living.

I kind of planned to stay on the permaculture farm for a little while, but it got to the middle of the winter and everything was really wet and the Yurt was getting a little bit moldy and I was getting sick from that, and I basically just said, “Well I’m out of here,” and I packed up all my stuff, put the yurt into storage, and I got in my truck and I drove off. I drove to Arizona where it was still 70 degrees in the middle of the winter and just kind of camped out in the middle of nowhere for a few weeks, and I just decided that’s what I wanted to do, and I kept doing that for over a year.

Nowadays I’m trying to set down some roots and become part of the small mountain community. It just seems like an important part of life and if you’re moving around too much then you kind of miss out on that.

So this is one of my favorite places to hang out. I can drive up here on my solar electric bike and see there’s a little cave behind me that I like to hang out at. So this is kind of my life now and that’s why my left Washington and now I’m just roaming around basically.

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Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

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