Why Do People Fear Truth?

In this episode of Ask Cahlen I will be answering the question, “Why do people fear truth?”

Truth is the way things are and have been, and is independent from any individual’s perspective. Fear is a physiological response to our imagination of future suffering which changes our perspective and therefor the types of decisions that we make.

People fear truth for many reasons. The truth is often not pretty, and false beliefs can help us to cope with bad situations. Accepting truth requires that we change our minds and our lives, which takes work and is usually uncomfortable. Also, most people’s beliefs are far from what is true, and they do not like having their opinions challenged, so committing to the truth and sharing it with others alienates us from our community.

While, in a way, the truth is worth fearing, facing it is a necessary step to improving the situation. Choosing ignorance causes us to fall deeper into hell as an individual and as a society, and every step we take downwards must eventually be walked back outwards. Despite the discomfort it brings, it’s ultimately best to accept the truth now and do what needs to be done, rather than digging ourselves further into the pit.

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Cahlen Lee
Cahlen Lee

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