Will You Get the Covid Vaccine?

Jan 9, 2021

In this episode of Ask Cahlen I'll be answering the question, "Will you get the Covid Vaccine?"

Several people have asked me what I thought about the mRNA Vaccine being used for Covid at the moment, so I figured I should make a video in case anyone else is curious to know my thoughts.

To start off, traditional vaccines and their manufacturers don't have stellar track records, despite what the general population has been made to believe. You can get all the details on that here:


The next thing to know is that mRNA vaccines have never been used en masse in the general human population, so we don't know what the negative side effects will be. Also, vaccines usually go through years of safety studies which the covid vaccine has skipped. Seems like a risky combination.

The last important piece to know is that the mRNA vaccine is effectively hijacking your body's gene expression and telling your own cells to create the spike protein found on the covid virus. These spike proteins on their own (without the virus) have been shown to cause inflammation, the cause of nearly all diseases, and they specifically target the lungs:


I choose not to have something injected into me which tells my own cells to continually create compounds which cause inflammation and pneumonia, especially considering it was created by people I believe to be untrustworthy for a virus I see as a non-threat to my health.

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